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Blast off to Learning at Elmvale

Any parent/carer who wishes to enrol their child in Elmvale Primary and Nursery Class is most welcome to visit the school and discuss relevant details with a promoted member of staff as outlined below. Please telephone the school on 0141 558 5238 to make an appointment.

Primary 1 Registration

New entrants for session 2023/20243: if she/he will be five between 1 March 2023 and 28th February 2024.

Enrolment takes place during the week of 7 November until the 11 November 2022.

 Parents should complete the enrolment application form online. If you are unfamiliar with schools within your local catchment area, please use the School catchment lookup before completing the form. For parents who are unable to access the registration process online, contact should be made with Olympia Hub at Tel 0141 287 8000. All paperwork should be sent to the Hub to be processed. It should not be sent to the school.

At Elmvale, we have developed a structured induction programme for all children entering  Primary 1 . From early in the session the Depute Head Teacher visits local nurseries to meet and get to know the children. Close liaison between pre school establishments and Elmvale ensures a positive successful start to the children’s primary school careers. In May, the children from the local nurseries visit with their nursery teachers to see round the school. 

In June, we look forward to seeing the children for an afternoon when they will meet their class teacher and spend time in their classroom. Parents are also invited on this day to join us for a coffee and to hear about the things their child will be doing during their first year at school. Before the end of term, Primary 1 teachers visit the children in the nursery. This is always an enjoyable experience for both teachers and their new pupils.

Informal coffee mornings are held in August to enable parents of Primary 1 children to get to know each other and to meet members of the Parent Helpers.

Additionally, Primary 1 teachers will be available throughout the year to discuss any matters concerning your child.




Transport Application Forms

The Education Authority does not provide transport for those pupils in receipt of a placing request, other than in individual exceptional circumstances and where appropriate legislation applies. If your child is attending their local school and if you reside 1.2 miles or over from the school, you should complete a Transport Application Form. Up to date transport application forms and parental guidance is available from the following link:- Transport Application Form

Deferred Entry

If you wish to defer the entry of your child to P1 please ensure you indicate this on Form EN2 and the declaration is signed by the parent/carer. Information on deferred entry is available from the following link:- Deferred Entry

If you require further enrolment information please contact:-

Carole Cairns
Change & Development
Customer & Business Services
Tel: 0141 287 0374
Mobile: 07469400214

Or Children and Young People Support, Education Services, Glasgow City Council, City Chambers, 40 John Street, Glasgow G1 1JL, phone 0141 287 7477 or email

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