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Continuing Improvement

‘You Said, We Did...’


We regularly ask parents and children for suggestions and views on Elmvale.

"What do you think about our report card?"

Almost all our parents thought that the report card format was very good and provided comments such as ‘excellent report card and very personal to my child’.

Our Response
We will therefore be keeping the same format in 2014.

"What can we do to help you support your children’s learning?"

Most parents thought that Elmvale sets a high standard.  A few thought that Home-learning could improve.

Our Response
We are carrying out further research to see what can be done to improve our current policy.

"Do you understand Elmvale’s system of assessment?"

Most parents thought that an assessment workshop would be helpful.

Our Response
An assessment workshop will take place on Tuesday 25th February at 2pm and 7pm.  Examples of how children’s work is assessed will be on display.

"What would you like to know more about in relation to your children’s learning?"

Most parents felt that they were ‘kept well informed’ and that any ‘questions/concerns are answered promptly, confident that teaching staff would help.’

Our Response
We will continue to keep you informed through newsletters, workshops, our website and our annual report card. 

"What changes would you like to make in Elmvale?"

Most parents felt they did not wish anything to change as their children had ‘done well’.  Some parents made some suggestions – improved communication, extending golden time clubs to younger children, more information on anti-bullying strategies and improved school meals.

Our Response
Class sizes are set by the government at P1 25, P2-3 30, P4-7 33 and all composite classes are 25.  We receive staff for the number of children in our school and the classes are organised accordingly.

Our Response
We received a grant for £2000 which has paid for two P2-3 afterschool clubs and will continue to pay for the clubs at a other stages until March 2014.

Our Response
We have introduced peer mediation in P1-3 and restorative approaches to resolve disagreements/bullying type behaviours P1-7.  We also plan to introduce peer mediation to P4-5 in term 4.  Each class works on anti-bullying strategies in January and February each year.

Our Response
Communication has improved by sending texts as well as letters, details of events are on the school website, P1-7 and nursery newsletters are issued monthly and each class teacher issues a newsletter at the beginning of each term.