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Great Websites

 Sites for Fun and Education

Here are a list of some of the websites we like to use in school or at home to develop our learning in a fun way.

Learn to Type

Primary Games


CBeebies - Good stories here.



BBC Bitesize - First Level

Storybook WEB

UK Children's Books

Pauly's Playhouse

BBC History

National Geographic Kids

Art Attack - Good for helping with sight vocabulary.  Helps you to recognise words quickly.  You can make the speed very fast or can slow it down a bit to begin with.  Better for older pupils.

Newspaper clip generator that produces a quality piece of work. - Great website.

Good for all different curriculum areas. You may need a log in:
ICT Games  You may need a log-in. Good for spelling.  You will need log-in details from your teacher to access the right words for your class each week.

 BBC Children - Great for playing games and learning.

Jigsaws and games  - lots of puzzles and jigsaws.

 Need help with your homework?

 Highland Schools Virtual Library

Snaith primary

Woodlands Junior School

 Reading Games

BBC Newsround

Spelling and Grammar Games

Writing Games and Quizzes

 Great activities for any topic!

Healthy Websites

Health Promoting Schools   - Explore the virtual school, try out the fun games and quizzes and discover how you can help you and your school become healthier.

The Great Grub Club  - Meet the gang, play games and learn lots of fun food facts.

Please let the website committee know if there are other good websites you would like to share.