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Health  Sandyford Clinic - Please use this website to find out about how to support your child in educating him/her about growing up , puberty, sexual health and relationships.

Know Who To Turn To - - NHS 24 have launched a brand new website giving information on local services including GPs, pharmacies, dentist, out-of-hours services and more.

Useful articles, reports and websites
Please find links to a range of reports that have recently been published. These and lots more can be accessed via the Child and Youth SharePoint site by clicking: 

Growing up in Scotland: Family and School Influences on social and emotional well-being.
A new report from GUS explores family and school influences on children's social and emotional well-being at age 7. It uses data collected from mothers and children in the first birth cohort, interviewed in 2012/13 when the children were nearly 8 years old. Mothers were asked about their child's behavioural or emotional difficulties. Children were asked about their life satisfaction through a series of questions such as 'do you feel your life is going well'? These findings can be used to help identify children at increased risk of low well-being. Recommendations include: better access for parents and their children to professional services to support relationships and manage behaviour; transitions arrangements that support adjustment to both the learning and social environment at primary school; and support for children who might experience difficulties making friends. To access the report click here:

A fair start for every child
Save the Children's new report on child poverty 'A Fair Start for Every Child' was published at the end of May.  The report highlights the impacts on children of growing up poor and finds that they can be far reaching – touching on health, emotional wellbeing, cognitive development and educational achievement. The report also examines the underlying drivers of poverty. It finds that the failure of successive governments to address these long-term, structural problems means that there is a very real risk as the economy moves into recovery, that the poorest children will be left behind. To access the report click here:

From Clinical to Communal: A case study from Sandyford on the establishment of the Trans Parents support group
This case study primarily written by Runima Kakati from the Sandyford Clinic highlights the conditions that a clinical setting can provide to support Trans Parents in coming together to meet their own needs.  Download the case study Home - Child and Youth Mental Health Improvement Group

Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill
Published today, the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill is designed to strengthen and nurture community participation and encourage enterprising community development.

The Bill will include provision for communities to take over public sector land and buildings where they can show they can deliver greater public benefit with those assets. It will also streamline and extend the existing community right to buy, and embed Scotland's performance framework in legislation, ensuring the Scottish Government remains focussed on improving outcomes for communities.

Why is Glasgow the sickest City?
This article examines the problems around the so-called 'Glasgow Effect', that sees one in four Glaswegians not living past their 65th birthday. It examines the historical context to help gain an insight into the issues of health and wellbeing in the city.