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Blogging Letter

Dear Parents and Carers,

Elmvale Primary and Nursery Class are continuing and developing its use of some technology which we hope will continue to help transform our school.  We want you involved!  We are developing our use of blogs, which are websites that can be contributed to by children, staff, parents and others.  This letter is meant to explain the point of blogging in school and to allay any fears you may have about safety.

What is a blog?

Blogs help to create a link between home and school.  Parents and carers are able to see what goes on by looking at the work and information created during the day.  "Blogging" is writing that is done online.  This could be their literacy work, research, or even thoughts about school.  They might ask questions or complete their homework on the blog.

You can read the blogs and leave a comment - the more the comments the better as they are read by the children and motivate them to write more. 

Parents and carers, teachers and in fact anybody else, can comment.  Why not tell them what you like about their work?  You could ask questions or suggest ways that they might make their work better.

Blogs can be used to post links to activities and websites which relate to school.  They help to get children engaged and excited about their learning, and encourage them to think about school in new and interesting ways.  We hope you are as excited as we are!

Is it safe? 

Yes.  Blogs are very safe if they are managed carefully.  EVERYTHING that people write on the blog is moderated before it appears.  This means that a member of staff reads and checks things to decide if they are appropriate.  We teach the children that they can only use their first names on the blog, and we do lots of work to ensure that they know how to use it responsibly and safely.  No email addresses, phone numbers or other personal data is allowed on the blog.  Photos/videos of children will never be used along with names, so children cannot be identified through images.  This content will only be published if consent is agreed.

If people do try to write unkind, thoughtless or inappropriate things, they will not appear.  It is very easy for the school to block people from using the blog using something called their I.P. address.  This means that they will never be able to access the blog again.

What do you think?

We would like you to be involved in this project.  We are excited about how the blog helps us improve attainment and engage the children, and your input is crucial.  Please have a look at the blogs, have a look at the parents/carer' s section and have a go at leaving a comment.  If you have questions, concerns or comments about this project, please let us know.

Due to its potential to promote learning and good home links unless we receive in writing telling us otherwise the school assumes that:

  1. You give permission for your child(ren) to use the blog from home. You understand that they must use first names, must not divulge personal details, and must use the blog responsibly.
  2. You give permission for photographs and video of your child(ren) to be put onto the blog by staff at Elmvale Primary and Nursery Class.  You understand that this will be carefully monitored and that photographs and video will never be used together with their names.

Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr Grant MacLeod
Head Teacher