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Rights and Responsibilities
Elmvale Primary and Nursery Class - Rights and Responsibilities
We have the right not to be bullied in any way, shape or form.
We believe that it is wrong to bully others and it is important to report any bullying we see.
We have the right to feel safe in and around the school.
We make sure that we act sensibly and responsibly at all times.
We have the right to expect that our possessions will be secure in and around the school.
We will not leave our things lying about. We also have to be very careful when we borrow possessions of others.
We have the right to be treated with respect by everyone in the school.
We must likewise show respect to all others in our community.
We have the right to express our opinions and to be heard.
We should take care not to offend others with our opinions and accept that we are all different. We realise that everyone does not need to think the same way.
We have the right to an education and to learn as much as we can.
We have to all remember to work as hard as we can and to appreciate that every day we all are being given the chance to learn.
We have the right to choose our friends.
We will treat our friends with respect. A true friend should tell the truth and be loyal.
We have the right to play in safety without being interrupted.
We should never put anyone in danger through careless play. We should not disrupt others at play.