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Celebrating Achievement

Celebrating Success

At Elmvale Primary and Nursery Class, we find that one of the most effective ways to encourage children to learn and to behave well in school is through praise and the celebration of successes.

Celebrating Achievement

We aim to create a culture of achievement and aspiration amongst students and staff. Central to this is the celebration and rewarding of achievement. This should occur at all levels of school life, from verbal praise to a student wearing correct uniform in a corridor, to the weekly awards presented at assemblies and annual recognition at prize giving. It should be echoed in the physical environment of the school building - every classroom, corridor and communal space should publicly celebrate children's learning and achievements. All teaching and non teaching staff within the school has a responsibility to contribute towards this positive environment through the appropriate use of praise and through celebrating pupil achievement.

How Achievement is Celebrated in Elmvale:

  • Pupil of the Week
  • Shows of Learning
  • Star Moments
  • Target Setting
  • Pupil Targets
  • Achievement Wall
  • Classroom and Wall Displays
  • Prize Giving
  • Verbal Praise
  • Golden Time and Golden Time Clubs
  • Learning Blethers
  • Circle Time
  • Pupil Voice - Eco Committee, Health & Wellbeing Committee, Website Committee, Pupil Council & JRSOs
  • Weekly Assemblies
  • Website - 'Celebrating Achievement Outside School' and 'Good Deeds' (see sub sections to the right)

Wider Achievement

We are very aware that lots of learning happens outside of school and as a school we want to encourage pupils to share their experiences and successes.

Therefore we would like to ask parents and carers to help us keep up to date with all the incredible activities and challenges that your children have been involved in.

Our Aim:

To enable children to be recognised for and to celebrate successes in their wider achievement.

  • Children readily sharing their successes out with school.
  • There should be an opportunity for the children to share 'what' they learned/achieved not just the activity they were involved in.
  • There should be an emphasis on developing the vocabulary of achievement to enable them to be fully aware of what kind of success they have experienced.

If your child has been involved in something that you would like us to know please complete the certificate (see sub section 'Celebrating Achievement Outside School' to the right) and return to school.