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Head Teacher Hot Seat

 Mr MacLeod is the Head Teacher at Elmvale and we know you have lots of questions for him.  So this is where we get to put Mr MacLeod in the hot seat.  When it is your classes turn, your questions will be posted on this page and Mr MacLeod will respond.


Remember, you can look back at previous questions in the archive to help you ask relevant questions...

November 2015
This month Primary 7/6 have volunteered to interview Ms Donahue. They worked in pairs, trios and groups to create ten relevant questions.

1. If you were a teacher, what class would you like to teach and why? (Leon, Jamie-Lee, Lauren and Andrew)

2. If you could explore the world - would you and why? (Leon, Jamie-Lee, Lauren and Andrew)

3. Who is your favourite member of school at Elmvale? (Jonnie)

4. Do you have a favourite fruit or vegetable?

5. What did you want to be when you were younger? (Emily and Erin)

6. What is your favourite song and who is your favourite artist? (Emily, Erin and Liam)

7. Why did you become a PSA? (Dylan)

8. What has been your favourite family holiday? (Shiovhan, Khaled and Dylan)

9. What is your favourite subject and why? (Jana)

10. What was your favourite thing to do as a kid? (Frank)

 September 2015

This month Mrs Etherington and P3E volunteered to interview our upper school DHT, Mrs Baker. Please read on to see if she kept her cool head in this months hot seat! Who will be nominated next?

1. Do you like ice cream and what is your favourite flavour and topping? (Boshra)

I love ice cream and my favourite flavour is honeycomb because it is nice and crunchy and crackles and pops in my mouth. And to make it extra special I put a flake in and make a 99. 

 Image result for honeycomb icecreamImage result for crackles and pops Image result for 99 icecream

2. What is your favourite animal and why? (Kevin)

My favourite animal is a lynx because they have little furry ears and spiky hair. I've seen one at Aviemore Wildlife Park.

Image result for lynx Image result for lynx Image result for lynx

3. What do you like to do when you're not at school? (Samuel and Millie)

I like hill walking and long flat walks. Last weekend I went for a long walk along the River Teviot. And I like eating ice cream. I like spending time with my family. Sometimes I like to go cycling. 

Image result for hill walking Image result for River Teviot Image result for cycling

4. What do you like about your work? (Brooke, Kari Ann, Jay, Zac and McKenzie)

I like working with Mr MacLeod and all of the teaching staff and support staff. I especially like working with the children and helping them to do their very best. And talking and meeting with parents and carers and coaches who take our clubs.

Image result for teamwork makes the dreamwork Image result for parents as partners Image result for community

5. What is your favourite work that the children do in school? (Megan and Meng-Xi)

I like everyone to have high expectations so I like to see everyone do their very best. I am enjoying especially looking at what the children are learning about in maths.

Image result for high expectations Image result for be the best we can be Image result for we love maths

6. Have you ever been cheeky? (Mason)

Yes, I have been cheeky, sometimes when I was young, and sometimes as a grown up! However, whenever I realised I had been cheeky I stopped and apologised. 

Image result for cheeky Image result for always say sorry

 August 2015

Mr MacLeod is back in the Hot Seat this term.  We have only been at school for one week, but already, our p7F class are desperate to quiz our Head Teacher.  P7 have been working hard on their questioning skills, and can't wait to have Mr MacLeod respond to their questions!

1. How tall are you, when’s your birthday and how old are you?

I am 190cm tall, my birthday is in February and I'm not far off 50 years old.

Image result for elmvale primary schoolImage result for 190cm tallImage result for February Image result for approaching 50

2. When did you become a HT, and how long have you worked at this school for?

I have been in Elmvale as HT since August 2004.

Image result for head teacher awardImage result for 2004 Image result for 11 years

3. What made you become a primary teacher and then a head teacher?

I liked school, primary teaching is enjoyable because it means working with many different subjects and each day is different. The benefits of being a Head Teacher is that you are always working hard to make the school the best it ban be for the children and local community. 

4. How many trips have you been on with the school, and which was your favourite and why?

I have been on lots of trips - trips help to bring learning to life. I have enjoyed them all - Blairvadach, France, Italy, football, sport, musical - all. 

Image result for journeys quotes Image result for Blairvadach Image result for France Image result for Italy

5. Why did you choose to come to Elmvale as a HT?

My family came from Springburn and my great aunt was a pupil at Elmvale in 1913.

Image result for 1913

6. What is your greatest sporting achievement?

I wasn't interested in Sport when I was at school.

7. When you were at school, did you enjoy it and why?

I liked Maths, History and Geography and meeting friends.

Image result for Maths Image result for History Image result for Geography

8. When you were a child, which school did you go to?

I went to Balmuildy PS and then Bearsden PS.

9.What is your favourite subject to teach and why?

I enjoy teaching PE because I like to encourage children who either don't like it or struggle with it.

Image result for We love PE Image result for healthy body healthy mind Image result for healthy body healthy mind

10. If you had to teach only one class in this school for a week, which one would it be?  Justify your answer!

I would teach P7/6 because I taught one of their PE sessions for most of last year and enjoyed it!

Bonus: If you could change the name of the school, what would you change it to and why?

I wouldn't change it as it would alter the historical link - if  I had to then perhaps Springburn Primary School as it now serves the whole of the area or perhaps something linked to its locomotive historical past.

Image result for Elmvale Image result for elmvale primary school Image result for team work makes the dream work

June 2015

Ms Kytzia, our Principal Teacher, is taking the final Hot Seat for this year. We only have seven days left at school before the summer but will she keep a cool head in the heat? Thank you to Miss Ireland and Primary 1I for your relevant questions. We hope you like the answers!

1. What is your favourite song?
Last week when I was teaching in P3/2 they chose 'Gangnam Style' for their tidy-up song. When I was covering P7F on Friday, Tiegan requested 'Cheerleader'. I love, love, LOVE music so much it is so hard to choose just one favourite song. However, Bob Marley (amongst  many golden oldie artists) is a big favourite of mine and I chose 'Mellow Mood' for my first dance at my recent wedding in April. Here's a couple of snaps of me singing along!


2. What is your favourite film?
I have so many films that I love but I don't think you're old enough to have watched them! I really enjoyed watching Tangled with my niece because it's all about not being held back and listening to your gut and not accepting boundaries people put on you. I also thought The Croods was a pretty awesome kids movie too. I'm sure most of you will have watched it but if you haven't, it's about a Neanderthal man becoming human and overcoming his fear for education. Can you recommend any good films?

3. Do you have any pets?
Unfortunately I have no pets. But sometimes I look after my sisters ninja kangaroos, otherwise known as chinchillas. They're too fast, jump too high and I can't catch them to put them back in their cage! After watching 'How to Train a Dragon' I really want a pet dragon. Or a unicorn. That would be pretty cool?!

4. What do your favourite shoes look like?
I am more of a trainer person than a shoe person and own a colourful collection of Converse trainers. However, despite loving Dorothy's ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz and owning a less sparkly pair - my current favourite footwear would have to be my wedding shoes! What do you think?

5. Are you a good singer?
Boys and girls, we sing together every-time I come into your class. At our Monday assembly we always sing our 'Hello' and 'Goodbye' song and afterwards we enjoy singing many different songs such as 'Days of the Week', 'What's the Weather?' and 'There was a School' with Primary 1. Think back to Christmas and to our fabulous nativity of 'It's a Baby!' I was so proud of every single one of you for remembering the lines and actions to a whopping ten songs! You've all heard me sing loudly plenty of times so I'm going to turn this question around - do you think I am a good singer?

6. What is your favourite book?
This is another hard question for me because I love to read. When I was your age my favourite bedtime story was Chicken Licken. It reminds me of my mum as she's the only person who can stop my sky from falling down! When I got a little bit older, my absolute favourite book was The Hobbit. It was the first big book that I read twice and will still pick up to this day. For World Book Day, I chose the inspirational, 'Oh, the Places You'll Go', by Dr. Seuss. I shared this with you at assembly with my Uncle David as it describes a future filled with unlimited potential. If I can teach you anything P1I, please read as much as you can. Books are magical and open your eyes to the big wide wonderful world. Please share your book recommendations with me after the summer holidays?!

7. What do you like to do at the weekend?
Teachers work very, very hard. We even work at the weekend to make your learning experiences as exciting as possible. But weekends for me are definitely centred around my friends and family. I love to spend time outdoors so a perfect weekend would be good company, good food and a hill-walk or bike ride. We live in such a beautiful country - I love exploring Scotland. 

8. Do you have a favourite place to go on holiday?
We have 71 countries that have visited our global guestbook and I have travelled to 21 of them. But there are roughly 196 countries in the world and I want to spend my life visiting as many of these places as possible. I have a large map of the world in my living-room and I like to stick little flag pins on every country I have visited. I don't have a favourite place to go on holiday but my favourite holidays have been to Africa, India, Thailand, Vietnam and more recently Australia. I taught in Malaysia in 2011 and plan to visit the friends I made there very soon. My favourite thing to do is to go where I've never been. 

9. What is your favourite dinner?
Both my husband and I love to cook and are quite competitive in the kitchen. I have a very large cook book collection and enjoy both following a recipe and creating my own concoction. I love a wide variety of cuisine from all over the world- Indian, Chinese, Thai, Italian, British... but nothing beats a good old Sunday roast or weekend fry-up breakfast!  

10. Do you have a favourite season?
Currently my favourite season has to be summer! I can't wait to go exploring, camping, hill-walking, cycling, kayaking and catching up with family and friends. I love skiing so Winter is a favourite time of year too - who doesn't like building snowmen and making snow-angels? And Christmas is my favourite time of year! But I also love Autumn because of the wonderful changing colours of trees. Spring is lovely too with all the new flowers and fresh smells. Everything is coming back to life again. Nature is amazing. I love all four seasons! But with only seven alarm bells left before the holidays - SUMMER!

Have a wonderful summer holiday Team Elmvale!

April 2015

Mrs Reed, our DHT, is just back from maternity leave. We are very excited to have her back but want to know if she can keep a cool head in the HOT SEAT! Here are some fantastic questions from our Elmvale Nursery Class:

 1. If we feel sick in the park would you help us? Ava
All the adults in Elmvale care about our children Ava and any of us would help you if you needed it. I hope none of you feel sick and get to have fun at the park!

Image result for fun in the park

2. Do you like wearing make up? Jorjay and Huda Ali
Yes I quite like wearing some makeup sometimes.

Image result for makeup clipart

3. Do you always wear make up? Kaycey
No I don’t always wear makeup. I like to be outside and makeup can get messy if it is windy or rainy. I don’t wear it if I am going out on my bike or going to a park.

Image result for riding a bike at park

4. Would you come in and play games with us or tell stories? Rita and Martin
Yes Rita and Martin! I saw you at the Caledonian Club last week and we all had great fun didn’t we! It is nice to spend time with you, so whenever I can, I will see you in the nursery. J

Image result for reading stories

5. Can you make playdough? Abi
Yes I can. Sometimes I make it for my 2 little girls at home. They love it but my wee baby tries to eat it and I have to keep my eyes on her to stop her. Kate loves to squish things into it. Maybe you can show me what you do with it Abi?

6. What food do you like? Anna Grace
I love lots of different food. I learned that you have to try things lots of times so your body can get to like it. In fact I had to try olives 100 times before I liked them. Now they are one of my favourites!

Image result for olives

7. Can you buy us some cars? Usef
I heard you LOVE cars Usef! I will keep my eyes peeled for some cars and get you some soon.

Image result for toy cars

8. What do you like to eat for breakfast? Ahmed
Because I like lots of different food I have different things each day. Sometimes I have cereal or porridge, sometimes eggs on toast and sometimes I have a big cooked breakfast at the weekend. Yum yum!

Image result for breakfast

9. Do you like pink, orange and green flowers? Olivia and Keira Yes I like all flowers really. They remind me of outdoors and make me smile!

10. Do you like monsters? Lewis
I like friendly monsters in stories but I have never met a real one. I don’t think I want to meet one either.

Image result for monsters

11. Why does spiderman fly? Junior
He looks like he is flying but I don’t think he can fly. I think he uses his Spideyweb to stick to tall buildings. Then he swings from one tall thing to the next. Wouldn’t that be fun!