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Parent Voice


Parents' Evening Questionnaires

Each parents' evening we will ask parents and carers to fill in questionnaires about their views on how we are doing.  The surveys will be available on our website after the parents' evening.  We will publish the results and any actions we take here. 

School Year 2013/2014

We are pleased to share with you the results from the questionnaires completed after Parents' Evening in May 2014.  Some parents did not complete a questionnaire and some did not complete both sides, so the numbers will not necessary correspond.

Additional Comments

Parents and Carers are asked to provide additional comments if they wish.  These are dealt with individually at the time and parents fed back to if we have their details on the questionnaires.

Over time we hope to increase the number of Parents and Carers who respond to our surveys both on line and at Parents evenings, so please tell us what you think! We value your feedback and will do our best to respond to it in an open and honest way.

You will find attached, the results for each class and the percentage results for the whole school:

Nursery - Primary 7 May 2014

Percentage Results for Parents and Carers Views of our School - May 2014